The RED Future of Mobile Web


Silky smooth quality-of-experience is not just a feature. It is a must.


Battery density growth falls behind the silicon. Budget the energy wisely.


Fulfill the potential of emerging markets via smart content delivery.

Make the Web Great Again

Web technologies through decades of evolution have fundamentally shaped how we think, communicate, and innovate. Now the Web is on the cusp of a new evolution, an evolution that promises automatic recognition, mining, and synthesis of user-originated “big data.” The driving force behind this revolution is today’s most pervasive personal computer–mobile devices, be it a smartphone, a wearable device, or an IoT widget.

The constrained nature of mobile devices pose three major challenges that stand in the way of next-generation mobile Web: Responsiveness, Energy-efficiency, and Data-efficiency (RED). Our mission is to design and build systems that address the RED challenges and thereby to enable next-generation mobile Web computing.

Synergistic Cross-layer Optimizations


Hardware-software co-design to embrace the increasingly heavy Web computations.


Empowering developers and integrating them into the optimization loop.


Improving mobile Internet performance, energy, availability, and reliability.


Platform and infrastructure support for conducting real-world measurements.

Let's Make this a Community Effort

Building a better future Web is a mission upon all of us. Let's not forget that one thing we all love about the Web is that it is open. It is not owned by anyone; or rather it is owned by all of us. We as a community together can fulfill the potential of next-generation mobile Web.

If you are excited about addressing the RED challenges in pursuit of making the future Web a better ecosystem and have a related project that you'd like to showcase, please contact us.